A fine and light cuisine, inspired by the true ROMAGNA’s tradition

In the kitchen, Grandma Verdiana knows how to balance taste and scent. Every dish is the perfect combination between recipes of the past and current trends

Experiencing a true holiday on the Romagna Riviera means enjoying every moment, especially at the table. Here at the Nautico Hotel, you’ll enjoy an authentic cuisine made only with quality products and first-choice local ingredients. Our home-made pasta is rolled out with a rolling pin, as tradition demands. Tagliatelle, lasagne, passatelli or tortellini… every pasta dish is a true journey into yesterday’s Romagna, a journey that makes every palate happy.

At lunch or dinner, you can choose between three menus with meat, dish and typical dishes. In the central buffet, you’ll find crudités, baked and grilled vegetables, salads, entrées and sides. Grandma Verdiana knows how to take care of our tiny guests and she is always ready to help mums make healthy and tasty baby food and dishes for kids on holiday.

A sweet morning, every day

You wake up quietly in your room and get down in the air-conditioned dining hall. Here, you’ll find a rich, mouth-watering and varied breakfast buffet. You’ll find everything you need to start your holiday morning happy and full of energy. Croissants, freshly baked cakes, pies, fresh bread and jams. Yoghurt and cereals, fresh fruit, tea and brews. And if you like a savoury breakfast: cold cuts, cheese, and home-made cereal bread. And, of course, a delicious coffee!